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… to a world filled with song, dance, theatre, magic, acrobatics, art, and near-limitless talent.

Treat your guests to an entertainment they’ll never forget!

As well as being providers of musicians and entertainers, we’re performers in our own right. We breathe fire, walk on stilts, sing, dance, paint faces, sew costumes, and inhabit the lives and characters of other people or creatures as if we were born to it. Clients book us and our team for all types of activities across the UK: corporate events and product launches, fetes and festivals, street theatre, family fun days, private parties for children or adults, weddings, and school events.

Sometimes we’re the main attraction, sometimes we’re performing freestyle in the background or among the crowd. Sometimes we’re running a workshop helping others develop their talents.

We’re your doorway to fun, laughter, and gasps of delight!

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Bring wide-eyed joy to your next event.

Not sure what you need?

It’s not easy choosing an entertainment for a party, wedding, or corporate event.

You know you want something different, but you’ve no idea what’s out there.

We’re here to help!

There are far more skilled performers and inventive entertainments than you can imagine – and we know most of them. We can suggest or create an act that would suit your audience, your event, and your budget. And we’ll sort out the arrangements that make it happen.