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Today we helped with the following project…

Reclaiming Goods from Brands in Loughborough – BRAND NEWS

‘What if there were no logos and no brands?

What would we call products and how would we recognise them? Brand News invites people in Loughborough to take a look at everyday products and have a go at un-branding them.

Throughout December and January the artist Kathrin Bohm and designers An Endless Supply will lead a series of hands-on workshops, working with Loughborough groups and individuals, to take everyday products off the shelf and reimagine them: turn coke into brown juice, rewrap chocolate bars and design front pages of newspaper and magazines.

The workshops will collectively re-brand the full product range from a local corner shop, Ashby Square News. As the new looks and individualised brands are created they will go on display in the Market Town Corner shop unit in Carillon Court.

For one day in February the full range of reworked goods will move back into the shop, taking over all shelves and display areas.’