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Spooktakular Fun at Halloween

  Had fun being a Halloween character on behalf of Area 51 in their interactive shows – Witchfinder and Satan’s Slammer!


    Had fun being a Christmas Elf on behalf of Helter Skelter Arts Ltd… there was lots of balloons and bubbles! Feeling very festive!


     Had a fabulous time being three different characters this weekend e.g. farmer (on behalf of Helter Skelter Arts Ltd), 1920’s lady and Steampunk character (on behalf of Wise Owl Theatre Company). Thank you for having me xx

Fairytale Characters in Leicester

  Bubble fairy fun on behalf of Leicester City Festival celebrations. The Bubble Fairy met lots of interesting characters along the way.

Summer Bubble Fairy Fun

Bubble fairy fun on behalf of Flambe Circus Theatre. Come and join in the fun! Make the most of the summer holidays!