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Enchanted Reading Trail at Leicester Cathedral


On Saturday afternoon we also had fun devising and delivering a Reading Trail at Leicester Cathedral.

From pirates and wizards to princesses and teddy bears, there are friends for all to find on the Leicester Cathedral Reading Trail. It is an exciting new way to read more and to have fun.

If you join the challenge you will be given a map which will guide you through an enchanted land. Each item you read will lead you one step further on your journey. Perhaps you will meet the dancing bear; take care Merlin the Wizard does not cast a spell on you… if you are lucky you may spot Leicester Cathedral’s salty pirate.

Complete the quest and you will find the lair of the Reading Dragon, a rarely seen beast whose hoards of gold include a treasured prize to reward your efforts.

You will collect special cards of the characters along the way – each with a challenge to complete and a suggested place to visit.

Good luck and go forth and put your reading skills to the test!