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‘Market Day’ in Loughborough


Market Town

This Saturday we will be helping out with ‘Market Day’ in Loughborough… All welcome!

Market Day

On Saturday 6 February we will be celebrating the culmination of three projects being undertaken as part of Market Town. It will also be the final opportunity to view the contributions and content of Market Town Corner, the shop space we have been programming for the past six months.

In the Market Town Corner in Carillon Court Shopping Centre, you can experience Can Altay’s project Loughborough Records Present Presence. For this project he’s created a pop up recording studio, which functions as a sculptural environment that is activated by local music and musicians. Throughout January recording sessions by the town’s musicians have been taking place within the framework of Can Altay’s installation. Market Day offers you the opportunity to view the installation and hear the sounds of Loughborough that have been recorded over the month.  

Kathrin Böhm and designers An Endless Supply will be presenting the re-branding of local news agents Ashby Square News for their project Brand News. Through a series of hands-on workshops the artists have worked with a large number of local community groups to produce re-brands of the products in Ashby News Square. The project culminates on Market Day when, for one day only, the entire contents of Ashby Square News will be filled with the rebranded products. 

On Alan Moss Road and in the Market Town Corner graphic design practice Europa and illustrator Peter Nencini will be presenting their work. They have created designs which will be displayed on three billboards in Loughborough town centre from 1st Feb – 14 Feb. These billboards will be complemented by a website which presents more detailed accounts of the research involved in the project and its artistic outcomes.

Finally, in the Market Town Corner we’ve been collecting responses from Loughborough’s community, asking them what they would like to see their town to look like and contain. These responses, along with documentation and relevant publications and films, will all be available to view in the shop on Market Day.